How can I buy a MonPilou doll?

Dolls are not always available and if there are, they are sold quickly. I don't reserve dolls. I want everyone to have a fair chance. In the newsletter, I will announce the upload of a new doll (or dolls), with a link to the right page of my web shop. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do. If your country is not in the list, please, send me a message. I will add your country to the list.

The Shipping rates are approximately: NL€ 5,75 EU €13,- Worldwide: €30,- (with tracking code). Shipping overages will be refunded.

Free shipping for orders over €120,- for the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. (For NL, when order is over €70,-)

It is also possible to pick up your order, at my Studio, in Amsterdam, NL.

How can I pay?

Payment can be done by: iDEAL (NL only) Bank Transfer (EU only) and PayPal (Worldwide) 2,5% payment costs will be added (this is half of the fees, I have to pay).

What are the prices of the dolls?

The average price of a, completely dressed 16''/42 cm tall doll, is about €300,- . The 14"/35 cm tall doll, completely dressed, is about €260,-  And the Petite Bébé doll, completely dressed, in a Mozes basket with bedding, is €260,-  The Zen Snuggle is €65,- (shipping costs not included).

What is the best age, to give my child a MonPilou doll?

From a pedagogical point of view, I would say 4 to 7 years old is the perfect age to give a dress up doll. The little baby doll is suitable from 3 years old. The dolls, are not suitable/save for children under 3 years old! Zen Knoopje/Zen Snuggle is suitable for every age.

Do you take custom doll orders?

No, I don't make custom dolls.

Can I buy more clothes, for my MonPilou doll?

Yes, in my webshop, when available. And there is a serie of "made to order" clothes available, which will be expanded.  I don't take orders, for custom made doll clothes.

Can I buy a pair of the wool felted shoes, from you?

I am so lucky, that all my dolls can wear the beautiful booties, made by Vaida Petreikis. I only sell them to go with a doll or a complete clothing set. I have agreed with Vaida to not sell them seperately. To buy the shoes seperately (in every size!) please visit Vaida's webshop:

Do you give workshops?

I take a break from teaching, for a year, or so. But my patterns have an extensive tutorial, from which you can learn a lot of "tips & tricks".

Do you sell a pattern, tutorial, e-book or online course of your doll(s)?

Yes, I do! There are two patterns (and kits) available in my shop. Probably more in the future.

Do you sell clothing patterns?

Not yet, but I am working on it.

NOTE: People seem to be under the impression, that I work together with a Dutch dollmaker on Etsy. Because her dolls look a very much (too much) like mine. But, nothing could be further from the truth. She is using my patterns, without my consent. I love to work with other makers, for sure. But, not with this bold lady. When you have questions or remarks about this, feel free to send me a message.

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