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How can I buy a MonPilou doll?

Dolls are not always available and if there are, they are sold quickly. In the newsletter, we will announce the upload of a new doll (or dolls). 

Do you take custom doll orders?

Not at the moment.

What are the prices of the dolls?

-The average price of a, completely dressed 16''/42 cm tall doll, is about €375,- This is a doll for adult collectors. 

-The 14"/35 cm tall doll, completely dressed, is about €275,-

-The Petit Bébé doll, completely dressed, in a Moses basket with bedding, is €275,- .

-The Zen Snuggle is €75,- 

-Handmade dolls, clothes and shoes can be shipped worldwide. But, supplies, tools and fabrics only within Europe (including the UK).

What is the best age, to give my child a MonPilou doll?

From a pedagogical point of view, from 4 years old is the perfect age to give a dress up doll. The little baby doll is suitable from 3 years old.  MonPilou dolls, are not suitable/save for children under 3 years old! Except for the Zen Snuggle.

I make dolls for adult collectors, as wel. This model is not very suitable for child's play.

In the describtion of the doll, I always write about the suitable age, for this particular doll.

Can I buy more clothes, for my MonPilou doll?

Yes, in our webshop, when available. We don't take orders, for custom made doll clothes.

Can I buy a pair of the wool felted shoes, from you?

We are so lucky, that all our dolls can wear the beautiful booties, made by Vaida Petreikis. We do sell them separately, in small editions. You can find them here, when in stock.

To buy the shoes in every colour or size you can imagine, please visit Vaida's webshop:

Do you give workshops?

Not for a while. When I do, I will send a newsletter.

But my patterns have an extensive tutorial, from which you can learn a lot of "tips & tricks".

Do you sell a pattern, tutorial, e-book or online course of your doll(s)?

Yes, we do! There are three doll patterns (and kits) available in my shop. Two in English and Dutch and one in Dutch only, for now. There's an extensive step by step tutorial, with a lot of photos included with each pattern.

Do you sell clothing patterns?

The first patterns are listed and more to come in the future. Look under "Patterns and kits".

Can I visit MonPilou?

From June '22, it will be possible to visit my new studio. More information will follow....

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