My name is Anouk. I am the designer and maker of MonPilou dolls. I live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I used to work at home, but recently I am the proud tenant of a studio. It is a 15 minute bike ride, through the Vondelpark, which I love.

There are five men in my life, my husband Dave and my four son`s and also some girls, like the girl friends of my sons and my little cat "Pilou" .

After dollmaking, sewing, crochet and knitting, what I like to do most, is camping in quiet nature, reading and I love to dance.

With my first child on the way, in 1994, I started making dolls. 
I found my own creativity and wished to make natural toys, stimulating the child`s imagination. My first dolls were not perfect, but I knew from the start that I could do this every day and it has not changed, since then.
I love to design, adore needlework, dolls and little clothes. It makes the children`s world, I love so much, feel closer.

Pilou is the French name for a soft flannel. But, the first flannel cuddle doll for a baby is often called a Pilou, as well.

More about the dolls, here.

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