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Petite Bébé - Deer Doll, is a Waldorf baby doll of  12'' / 30 cm tall (measured with bended legs).

This doll is a collaboration with Studio Motane, who has made the Deer hat and the little Deer Dolly.

She's made of Dutch tricot from "De Witte Engel", in a mocha skin colour and she’s filled with clean organic sheep wool.
Her sleeping eyes are embroidered with DMC silky thread, in black. Her mouth is a simple stitch of embroidery silk. 
She has a belly button and a cute butt.
She can sit with a bit of support. But, she is made as a lying baby.

This doll can be a boy or a girl.

Her hair is crochet of Wild Brushable Mohair yarn, in Dark brown

Petite Bébé, always comes in a palm leaf  Mozes basket, with linen bedding. The mattress is filled with 100% sheep wool balls and the blanket has organic cotton batting.

It is wearing:
-A diaper made of double pointelle jersey.
-A long leg romper made of organic muslin.
-A hand knitted cardigan made of alpaca yarn.
-Hand knitted woolen socks.

-A cinnamon Deer hat and it will bring it's own little Deer Dolly!

NOTE: This doll, is not suitable for children under 3 years old, because of small parts / safety!

All MonPilou dolls and doll clothes are designed and handmade by MonPilou.
I have learned to make traditional Waldorf dolls many years ago. Over the years, I have designed my own pattern and found ways to make the dolls of better quality and look more natural. The dolls are made of natural fibres, have a neutral expression and are made with a lot of love. 
The dolls are firmly stuffed, for durability, but not as hard as some dolls, made for collectors. I like my dolls to feel cuddly for young children.

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